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We have been successfully
helping small businesses with
finance solutions for over 20 years

Being Different

We don’t take clients down dead end streets. If you have already been to your bank, why would you want to be taken back there? Our solutions are fresh & unique!

Fast Solutions

We understand that you don’t want to be Messed around for days and weeks.You want a finance Solution for your needs, and you want it NOW! That’s exactly what we aim for.

Get Fastest Approval

Simply apply online today, and you could have the money you need by the following business day. We have easy lending criteria and super helpful staff to make it all happen.

What We Do

Not everyone has the same needs? Some people need a large amount of money for just 1 month, and other people may need a small amount of money and pay back over 12 months. We have all the basescovered! Everything from unsecured business loans to home loan refinances to access the equity in your home to use in your business. All at competitive rates, and all tailored to suit your needs. Best of all, our success rate is over 90%, so you are in good hands.

We Are Expert In Fast Loan Approval

As all of our funds are sourced privately, this means we aren’t restricted by the usual strict lending criteria of the banks and the major finance companies. That’s why our Approval Rate is so high.
So why go to a broker who will just take you back to a bank? That means more time lost chasing an ellusive ‘good deal’, only to have your loan application declined again and again. It’s all lost time and lost money.

Speaking of time, as we are not large banking institutions, we are generally able to approve your loan the same day, and have it funded the next business day. How fast is that?? Only a private fund to move that fast. That’s Fast Loans Australia!


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